Downloading Images onto a Mac

  1. Turn camera on and plug into computer.
  2. Open Image Capture application
  3. In the left sidebar, select Ricoh Theta Z1
  4. Select all images (click EDIT in the main menu, then SELECT ALL)
  5. At the bottom, click the Import drop-down and select the folder you want to import all images to. We recommend creating a new folder that will only house these images.
  6. Click Download All
  7. When the images finish transferring, you will see 2 files for each image in the folder. Some will look pink and/or dark. (NOTE: You will not be able to preview them on your Mac. We first need to edit the files and merge the 360 on our end)
  8. Open the Dropbox link we sent you. Input your Name and Email Address. Drag ALL the files to the UPLOAD area.
  9. Leave the window open until the upload is complete.
  10. That’s it! We will edit the 360 images and send you a link to review.