We are counting down our top 20 favorite 360-degree views of 2021. Over the next four weeks, we will release the full list in weekly chunks of five. Check back Dec. 15 for No. 11-15!

From Los Angeles to Boston, our cameras have been capturing 360-degree views and building virtual tours of college campuses, athletic facilities, NBA arenas, NFL stadiums, minor league ballparks, and even a shopping center. Take a spin through all of them by visiting our virtual tour portfolio.

In 2021, our cameras traveled over 125,000 miles – that’s the equivalent of 5 trips around the Earth!

Here are some other fun stats:

  • 44 different cameras were used to capture tens of thousands of images
  • 11 drones captured aerial 360s
  • We built virtual tours in 35 different cities from 20 states
  • 26 college campuses and athletic departments
  • 7 pro sports and minor league stadiums

Because we have streamlined and simplified the way to generate 360-degree content, we can help anyone build a virtual tour. They can be used for recruiting, admissions, sales, information, and even fundraising.

Let’s dive into our Top 20 favorite 360-degree shots of 2021. You can click and pan on each image below:


College football teams use our virtual tours to showcase their facilities to potential recruits. Illinois Football did this to perfection by offering a glimpse into their athlete’s lounge, which features a private bowling alley!

View the full tour: Illinois Football Virtual Tour


Our local team! We’re just across the Columbia River in Vancouver, WA, but the Blazers are only 15 minutes away. So we shot this one in person. The Blazers wanted to feature a handful of their premium seating spaces.

View the full tour: Portland Trail Blazers Virtual Tour


The Scarlet Knights wanted to showcase their women’s basketball facilities. They started capturing the images during the 2020-2021 season, which was in the middle of a recruiting lockdown. Since the couldn’t bring recruits to campus, this virtual tour allowed kids to virtually visit.

View the full tour: Rutgers Basketball Virtual Tour


Like other college teams, NAVY was looking for a way to virtually share their facilities. Every program has some sort of large team meeting room, but NAVY Football might just have one of the most unique and impressive spaces. Can you imagine watching game film on this massive wrap-around screen?

View the full tour: Navy Football Virtual Tour


Florida Baseball opened a brand-new ballpark this year. While the uniform-covered mannequins in this hallway are a nice touch, that billboard-sized alligator is one of the most awesome ways to enter a training facility.

View the full tour: Florida Baseball Virtual Tour