We are counting down our top 20 favorite 360-degree views of 2021. This is Part 2 of our 4-week series. Click here to view Part 1 where we revealed No. 16-20 and check back Dec. 22 for No. 6-10!

You saw all the neat stats in our last post regarding 2021. Like how our cameras traveled the equivalent of 5 trips around the earth or that we built virtual tours in 35 different cities.

So let’s dive into our next five favorite 360-degree panorama images from this year. You can click and pan on each image below:


The majority of our virtual tours in 2020 focused on college athletics. But 2021 saw an influx of pro sports teams jumping on the bandwagon. Philadelphia was the first MLS team that wanted to showcase their premium seating options – and the weather couldn’t have been better!

View the full tour: Philadelphia Union Virtual Tour


We built a full virtual tour for the Oregon Ducks Track & Field team last year, which highlighted the brand-new Hayward Field and all their training facilities. Next year, however, the World Athletic Championships are being held in Eugene and the organization wanted to offer spectators a “view from my seat” experience. We put together a large tour that lets viewers see the view from every section in the stadium.

View the full tour: Hayward Field Seating Virtual Tour


“It just means more.” The SEC slogan is famous – and for good reason. The Power 5 conference boats some of the finest collegiate facilities in the country and the Florida Gators are a shining example (they made this list twice, after all). The Stephen C. O’Connell Center is home to multiple Gator sports, the volleyball court is one amazing setup.

Virtual Tour Coming Soon! Follow us on Facebook to see when this one goes live.


This aerial shot was almost a year in the making. We built a full virtual tour for the entire Hokies’ athletic department back in 2020, but as the leaves started falling in autumn, it wasn’t a great time for the aerial view. When they tried again in 2021, a wildfire haze prevented an ideal shot. But third time’s a charm, and just before the leaves fell again, we came away with this gorgeous aerial shot of the athletic facilities.

View the full tour: Virginia Tech Virtual Tour


Believe it or not, this panorama photo was created just three days ago! The Broncos were able to capture images of their premium suites just before kickoff on Sunday. They uploaded the shots on Monday, and we had a full virtual tour live on Tuesday. The sales team will utilize this tour to showcase the various suites throughout Empower Field at Mile High.

View the full tour: Denver Broncos Virtual Tour