We are counting down our top 20 favorite 360-degree views of 2021. This is Part 4 of our 4-week series. Check out the earlier posts: Part 1 (#16-20), Part 2 (#11-15), and Part 3 (#6-10).

Welcome to the Top Five!

All month, we have shared the best 360-degree images from 2021: NFL stadiums, Minor League Baseball fields, college locker rooms, NBA suites, drone shots, and then some!

Want more? Check out some of the tours we missed in our virtual tour portfolio.

Before we wrap up the list, a quick recap of some crazy stats. Our cameras traveled over 125,000 miles – that’s the equivalent of 5 trips around the Earth!

  • 44 different cameras were used to capture tens of thousands of images
  • 11 drones captured aerial 360s
  • We built virtual tours in 35 different cities from 20 states
  • 26 college campuses and athletic departments
  • 7 pro sports and minor league stadiums

Without further adieu, the top five 360-degree panorama shots from 2021:


I still can’t believe that we’ve been fortunate enough to work with more than HALF of the SEC now. They boast some of the nicest and most recognizable facilities in the country. But the staff at Tennessee was able to capture one of my favorite stadium shots yet. The sun peeking through the press box and the fresh painted lines make this absolutely perfect.

View the Tennessee Football Virtual Tour


This is another recent addition to the list – it was shot just a few weeks ago! Penn State was able to get the camera in early December and we had a full tour up by winter break. We’ll add a shot from center ice during the next gameday, but this view from above the stands is such a great way to highlight the entire arena.

View the Penn State Hockey Virtual Tour


This is one of the most famous landmarks in all of American sports. The Los Angeles Coliseum has housed everything from the Summer Olympics to Super Bowl I, World Series games and World Cup Qualifiers. Of course, it’s most famously home to the USC Football team.

View the USC Football Virtual Tour


I might be a Mariners fan from birth, but Fenway Park is undoubtedly the holy grail of baseball stadiums. This is a bucket list venue for many reasons, and I was slated to shoot this tour in person ahead of the 2020 season. But the pandemic changed all that. So this season, I mailed the sales team a camera kit and we were able to build a virtual tour of their premium seating spaces.

View the Boston Red Sox Virtual Tour


We’ve now been to the Toyota Center multiple times. But this center-court shot from our elevated tripod is the highlight of 2021. This single shot is the starting point for the largest virtual tour we’ve ever built, a fully immersive, section-by-section showcase of the entire arena. You can scope the views from multiple rows in each section and also see every private suite, party room, premium space, restaurant, concourse, and even catch a bird’s-eye view  from the drone shot outside.

View the Houston Rockets Virtual Tour